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TitleA platform with combined environmental and physiological wireless data acquisition for AAL applications
Author(s)Gama, Oscar
Martins, H.
Pereira, C.
Soares, S.
Valente, A.
Ribeiro, V. S.
Carvalho, Paulo
Mendes, P. M.
Issue dateJun-2010
Abstract(s)Ambient Assisted Living is based on a set of technologies with the aim to provide an enhanced support to people’s daily life. One important field deals with the offer of new solutions for healthcare. Those solutions intend to improve the population quality of life and reduce costs associated with healthcare. Before that happens, new platforms, hardware and software, must be available in order to acquire and store the required signals, to process and extract information from those signals, and to detect a set of features required to fire alarms and/or electronic assistance. This paper presents a platform (hardware and software) that was designed to acquire data from a subject, or from a device, and send it to a remote hub. It was designed taking into account its size, power autonomy, and quality of sfor one day.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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