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TitleA software platform for evolutionary computation with pluggable parallelism and quality assurance
Author(s)Evangelista, Pedro
Gonçalves, Emanuel
Sobral, João Luís Ferreira
Pinho, Jorge
Maia, Paulo
Rocha, Miguel
KeywordsEvolutionary computation
Open-source software
Parallel evolutionary Algorithms
Software quality
Issue dateSep-2011
JournalIfip Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Abstract(s)This paper proposes the Java Evolutionary Computation Library (JECoLi), an adaptable, flexible, extensible and reliable software framework implementing metaheuristic optimization algorithms, using the Java programming language. JECoLi aims to offer a solution suited for the integration of Evolutionary Computation (EC)-based approaches in larger applications, and for the rapid and efficient benchmarking of EC algorithms in specific problems. Its main contributions are (i) the implementation of pluggable parallelization modules, independent from the EC algorithms, allowing the programs to adapt to the available hardware resources in a transparent way, without changing the base code; (ii) a flexible platform for software quality assurance that allows creating tests for the implemented features and for user-defined extensions. The library is freely available as an open-source project.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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