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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2000Consumer and retailer perceptions of hypermarkets and traditional retail stores in PortugalFarhangmehr, Minoo; Marques, Susana; Silva, JoaquimArticleOpen access
2001Hypermarkets versus traditional retail stores - consumers’ and retailers’ perspectives in Braga: a case studyFarhangmehr, Minoo; Marques, Susana; Silva, JoaquimArticleOpen access
2015Stakeholder network integrated analysis : the specific case of rural tourism in the Portuguese Peneda-Gerês National ParkNogueira, Sónia Fernanda Moreira; Pinho, José Carlos M.ArticleOpen access
2014Accounting as a technology of government in the Portuguese empire: the development, application and enforcement of accounting rules during the Pombaline Era (1761-1777)Gomes, Delfina; Carnegie, Garry D.; Rodrigues, Lúcia LimaArticleOpen access
14-Feb-2014The evolution of financial accounting in Portugal since the 1960s : a new institutional economics perspectiveCaria, Ana Alexandra; Rodrigues, Lúcia LimaArticleOpen access
2015Fatores de sucesso e dificuldades das spin-offs empresariais: o caso das agências de mediação de segurosAmaral, Mónica Filipa CorreiaMaster thesis Open access
2014Determinant factors of the implementation of the balanced scorecard in Portugal : empirical evidence in public and private organizationsQuesado, Patricia Rodrigues; Guzman, Beatriz Aibar; Rodrigues, Lúcia LimaArticleOpen access
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