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TitlePorous bioactive composites from marine origin based in chitosan and hydroxylapatite particles
Author(s)Malafaya, P. B.
Reis, R. L.
Natural polymer
Issue date2003
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalKey Engineering Materials
Abstract(s)An optimal carrier for bone tissue engineering should be both a controlled release system and a scaffold. In the former role, the carrier must prevent rapid factor clearance and ideally meter out the growth factor in a predictable manner, allowing therapeutic doses to stimulate target cells for the appropriate duration. In the latter role, the material should act as a permissive environment into which bone cells would be attracted to migrate and begin the process of depositing bone matrix. Therefore the direct incorporation of growth factor in porous scaffolds should be a desirable goal. The inclusion of a bioactive ceramic on the scaffold design will confer to the systems a bone bonding behaviour that will guide bone formation. This work reports the development of composite chitosan/HA (from algal origin) porous structures produced by means of freeze-drying processing routes that can be further loaded with a biologically active agent. The developed bioactive 3D structures (completely from marine origin) have potential application as tissue engineering scaffolds and drug delivery systems due to their morphological and bioactive properties.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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