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TitleDrying kinetics of biofilms obtained from chestnut starch and carrageenan with and without glycerol
Author(s)Moreira, R.
Chenlo, F.
Torres, M. D.
Prieto, D. M
Sousa, A. M. M.
Hilliou, L.
Gonçalves, M. P.
Silva Blanco, C.
Mechanical properties
Issue date2011
PublisherTaylor and Francis
JournalDrying Technology
Abstract(s)Drying kinetics of biofilms from chestnut starch and hybrid carrageenan were experimentally determined and modelled. The biofilms were obtained by mixing the respective solutions (4.0% w/w) of both substances in the proportion 80/20 of chestnut starch/hybrid carrageenan. Glycerol (at 5.0% w/w) was added to some biofilms. Biofilms were prepared using a casting method. Drying kinetics were performed at 30, 40, and 50 C for forced air convection (1.8 0.1 m/s) and 30 and 50 C for natural convection. Constant drying rate period, above critical moisture content (5.4 and 4.2 kg water/kg d.b. without and with glycerol, respectively) allowed the evaluation of the heat transfer coefficients. The water diffusion coefficients were determined in the falling rate period assuming a semi-infinite slab with variable thickness. Water sorption isotherms of biofilms at 25 C were determined and fitted with the GAB model. Mechanical properties of different biofilms showed no significant differences for Young’s modulus values (44.0 4.6 MPa). Nevertheless, films prepared at 30 C under natural drying showed the lowest values of tensile strength and elongation (32.2 4.9MPa and 0.85 0.11%).
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