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TitleAlcohol consumption and risk perception in the Portuguese construction industry
Author(s)Arezes, P.
Bizarro, Margarida
Issue date1-Mar-2011
PublisherBentham Science Publishers
JournalThe Open Occupational Health and Safety Journal
Citation"The Open Occupational Health and Safety Journal". ISSN 1876-2166. In press.
Abstract(s)Previous studies have demonstrated that some workers tend to ignore the risk that may arise from performing an activity under the influence of alcohol. The main objective of this study was to assess the relationship between the risk perception of a sample of Portuguese construction workers and their reported and measured alcohol consumption. Risk perception and self-reported consumption were evaluated through a questionnaire applied to a sample of 100 construction workers. Simultaneously, the blood- alcohol level of all the study subjects was detected. Given the obtained results, it was possible to conclude that workers with a lower risk perception seem to also be the highest alcohol consumers. The obtained results will, expectantly, help companies create reliable programs to eradicate alcohol consumption at work.
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