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TitleHealth Education in school: teachers’ and future teachers’ conceptions (Europe, Africa and Middle East)
Author(s)Carvalho, Graça Simões de
Berger, Dominique
KeywordsHealth education
Teachers' conceptions
Issue dateSep-2010
PublisherEditions Universitaires du Sud
CitationIn LOIZON, D. [et. al.], eds. – “Éducation à la santé : enjeux et dispositifs à l'école : actes du 2e Colloque National du Réseau des IUFM pour la Formation en Éducation à la Santé et Prévention des Conduites Addictives, Paris, França, 2008.” Toulouse : Éditions Universitaires du Sud, 2010. ISBN 978-2-7227-0132-8. p.305-329.
Abstract(s)School plays an important role in health education and health promotion, and it has been recognised that teachers’ conceptions play a crucial role for the effective implementation of school health education. With the European FP6 Biohead-Citizen project on “Biology Health and Environmental education for better citizenship” we analyse the potential differences between several countries by associating teachers’ and future teachers’ conceptions to controlled parameters, such as social context, religion, gender. A questionnaire was constructed during the first year of the project, and following a pilot test, the final questionnaire was applied to 6379 teachers and future teachers. We then used statistical multivariate methods, as they are well suited to investigate complex data featuring the conceptions of many individuals, according to many topics. We show that a prominent source of variation in teachers’ conceptions is related to countries, and further suggest that there are differences in two kinds of conceptions: a) individual health responsibilities and abilities; b) social policies. In contrast, religion, academic level or training had no impact in teachers’ conceptions of health education. Another important feature is the gap between what teachers and future teachers say about their own health and what they say it should be taught in school.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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