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TitleAn intelligent alarm management system for large-scale telecommunication companies
Author(s)Costa, Raúl
Cachulo, Nuno
Cortez, Paulo
KeywordsNetwork management
Event correlation
Association rules
Issue dateOct-2009
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
CitationIn Lopes, L [et al.], ed. – “Progress in Artificial Intelligence : 14th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2009 Aveiro, Portugal : proceedings”. (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, subseries of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5816). Berlin : Springer, 2009. ISBN-10 3-642-04685-1. p. 386-399.
Abstract(s)This paper introduces an intelligent system that performs alarm correlation and root cause analysis. The system is designed to operate in large- scale heterogeneous networks from telecommunications operators. The pro- posed architecture includes a rules management module that is based in data mining (to generate the rules) and reinforcement learning (to improve rule se- lection) algorithms. In this work, we focus on the design and development of the rule generation part and test it using a large real-world dataset containing alarms from a Portuguese telecommunications company. The correlation engine achieved promising results, measured by a compression rate of 70% and as- sessed in real-time by experienced network administrator staff.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version© Springer-Verlag:
AccessOpen access
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DSI - Engenharia da Programação e dos Sistemas Informáticos

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