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TitleOpen Access in Portugal: a state of the art report
Author(s)Saraiva, Ricardo
Rodrigues, Eloy
Issue dateJun-2009
Abstract(s)This report describes the present situation in Portugal concerning Open Access (OA) in scientific publishing. It presents a comprehensive portrait of the Portuguese initiatives related to OA, such as the implementation of open access institutional repositories at various Portuguese universities or research institutes. This document is commissioned within the RCAAP project and is a deliverable (D30) of the project. The study of the current situation of OA in Portugal is also related with SELL (Southern European Libraries Link) initiative, to assess the situation on southern countries, and will primarily function as a basis for discussion at a seminar which the final aim will be to establish a group of actions in the SELL countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey) for promoting Open Access to scientific information. The report starts by providing some contextual background on Open Access and the Portuguese reality related with research and scientific publication. A brief history and evolution of Open Access initiatives in Portugal in the last six years, and the description of the current situation of Portuguese OA repositories and OA journals, constitute the main sections of this reports. Finally, the report presents some conclusions and recommendations.
DescriptionRelatório desenvolvido no âmbito do projecto Repositório Científico de Acesso Aberto de Portugal (RCAAP) e também enquadrado na iniciativa Southern European Libraries Link (SELL) sobre o "estado da arte" do Open Access (OA) nos países do sul da Europa.
AccessOpen access
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