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TitleExamination of potential virulence factors of Candida tropicalis clinical isolates from hospitalized patients
Author(s)Negri, M.
Martins, Margarida Isabel Barros Coelho
Henriques, Mariana
Svidzinski, T.
Azeredo, Joana
Oliveira, Rosário
KeywordsCandida tropicalis
Virulence factors
Secretion of enzymes
Issue dateMar-2010
Citation"Mycopathologia". ISSN 0301-486X. 169:3 (2010) 175–182.
Abstract(s)Candida tropicalis has been reported to be one of the Candida species which is most likely to cause bloodstream and urinary tract infections in hospitalized patients. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to characterize the virulence of C. tropicalis by assessing antifungal susceptibility and comparing the expression of several virulence factors. This study was conducted with seven isolates of C. tropicalis from urine and blood cultures and from central venous catheter. C. tropicalis ATCC 750 was used as reference strain. Yeasts adhered (2 h) to epithelial cells and silicone and 24 h biofilm biomass were determined by crystal violet staining. Pseudohyphae formation ability was determined after growth in fetal bovine serum. Enzymes production (hemolysins, proteases, phospholipases) was assessed by halo formation on agar plates. Susceptibility to antifungal agents was determined by E-test. Regarding adhesion, it can be highlighted that C. tropicalis strains adhered significantly more to epithelium than to silicone. Furthermore, all C. tropicalis strains were able to form biofilms and to express total hemolytic activity. However, protease was only produced by two isolates from urine and by the isolates from catheter and blood. Moreover, only one C. tropicalis (from catheter) was phospholipase positive. All isolates were susceptible to voriconazole, fluconazole and amphotericin B. Four strains were susceptible-dose dependent to itraconazole and one clinical isolate was found to be resistant.
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