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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Mar-2015Impact of an educational hands-on project on the antimicrobial, antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties of plants on Portuguese students' awareness, knowledge, and competencesAzevedo, Maria-Manuel; Pinheiro, Céline; Dias, Alberto Carlos Pires; Ribeiro, Filipa Pinto; Baltazar, FátimaArticleOpen access
29-Nov-2017Evaluation of Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Cytokines as Biomarkers for Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis in At-Risk PatientsGonçalves, Samuel Martins; Lagrou, Katrien; Rodrigues, Claudia S.; Campos, Claudia F.; Bernal-Martinez, Leticia; Rodrigues, Fernando José dos Santos; Silvestre, Ricardo Jorge Leal; Alcazar-Fuoli, Laura; Maertens, Johan A.; Cunha, Cristina; Carvalho, AgostinhoArticleOpen access
2018PIK3CA mutations are frequent in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma associated with chagasic megaesophagus and are associated with a worse patient outcomeMunari, Fernanda Franco; Cruvinel-Carloni, Adriana; Lacerda, Croider Franco; de Oliveira, Antônio Talvane Torres; Scapulatempo-Neto, Cristovam; da Silva, Sandra Regina Morini; Crema, Eduardo; Adad, Sheila Jorge; Rodrigues, Maria Aparecida Marchesan; Henry, Maria Aparecida Coelho Arruda; Guimarães, Denise Peixoto; Longatto, Adhemar; Reis, R. M.ArticleOpen access
2015Depressão em pacientes HIV positivos: a realidade de um hospital portuguêsFreitas, Paulina; Fernandes, André Filipe Borges; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access
28-Jun-2017Hoarding Disorder: A Case ReportVilaverde, Daniela; Gonçalves, Jorge; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access
8-Jun-2015The Impact of Stress in Decision Making in the Context of UncertaintyMorgado, Pedro; Sousa, Nuno; Cerqueira, João JoséArticleOpen access
28-Jan-2016Acute mania induced by hypothyroidism in a male patient after thyroidectomyMorgado, Pedro; Gonçalves, Carla Marina MendonçaLetter to the editorOpen access
2017The neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a multimodal perspectiveMoreira, Pedro Miguel Silva; Marques, P.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Magalhães, Ricardo José da Silva; Sousa, Nuno; Soares, José Miguel Montenegro; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access
2017Animal facility videoendoscopic intubation station: tips and tricks from mice to rabbitsMiranda, Alice Augusta Macedo; Pêgo, José M.; Correia-Pinto, JorgeArticleOpen access
11-Apr-2016A Review of Pharmacologic Treatment for Compulsive Buying DisorderSoares, Célia; Fernandes, Natália; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access