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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jun-2011Role of endoglin and VEGF family expression in colorectal cancer prognosis and anti-angiogenic therapiesMartins, Sandra; Reis, R. M.; Rodrigues, António Mesquita; Baltazar, Fátima; Longatto Filho, AdhemarArticleOpen access
Feb-2013Monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs) in gliomas : expression and exploitation as therapeutic targetsGonçalves, Vera M.; Honavar, Mrinalini; Pinheiro, Céline; Martinho, Olga; Pires, Manuel Melo; Pinheiro, Célia; Cordeiro, Michelle; Bebiano, Gil; Costa, Paulo; Palmeirim, I.; Reis, R. M.; Baltazar, FátimaArticleOpen access
2015In vitro and in vivo studies of temozolomide loading in zeolite structures as drug delivery systems for glioblastomaMartinho, Olga; Vilaça, Natália; Castro, Paulo J. G.; Amorim, Ricardo; Fonseca, António M.; Baltazar, Fátima; Reis, R. M.; Neves, Isabel C.ArticleOpen access
2016Lactate Transporters and pH Regulation: Potential Therapeutic Targets in GlioblastomasMiranda-Gonçalves, Vera; Reis, R. M.; Baltazar, FátimaArticleRestricted access (Author)
2014T-box transcription factor Brachyury is associated with prostate cancer progression and aggressivenessPinto, Filipe; Gomes, Nelma; Pereira, Márcia; Vizcaíno, José R.; Monteiro, Pedro; Henrique, Rui M.; Baltazar, Fátima; Andrade, Raquel P.; Reis, R. M.ArticleOpen access
Jan-2008A new model of laryngitis: neuropeptide, cyclooxygenase, and cytokine profileRodrigues, Manuel Lima; Fernandes, Ana Valle; Lamas, Nuno Jorge; Cruz, Andrea; Baltazar, Fátima; Milanezi, Fernanda; Nunes, Rui; Reis, R. M.; Pedrosa, Jorge; Castro, António G.; Almeida, ArmandoArticleOpen access
2010The selective COX-2 inhibitor etoricoxib reduces acute inflammatory markers in a model of neurogenic laryngitis but loses its efficacy with prolonged treatmentRodrigues, Manuel Lima; Lamas, Nuno Jorge; Fernandes, Ana Valle; Cruz, Andrea; Vieira, Artur Jorge Gomes; Oliveira, Pedro; Pedrosa, Jorge; Castro, António G.; Reis, R. M.; Baltazar, Fátima; Almeida, ArmandoArticleOpen access