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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017Historical data management in big databasesSimão, José Pedro Ribeiro NunesMaster thesis Open access
2018Reconhecimento e uso de emoções em jogosCarvalhais, Tiago João LopesMaster thesis Restricted access (UMinho)
2017Driver monitoring systems of fatigue based on eye trackingSoares, Rui Emanuel PaixãoMaster thesis Restricted access (UMinho)
20-Jul-2021The internet of people approach to road safety and vulnerable road users in smart citiesFernandes, Bruno Filipe MartinsDoctoral thesisOpen access
22-Oct-2018Behavioural attentiveness patterns analysis – detecting distraction behavioursAmaro, Bruno Filipe VianaMaster thesis Open access
2021Machine learning for differential diagnosis of white matter lesions in Fabry Disease patients based on gait and cardiac characteristicsBraga, José António FernandesMaster thesis Open access
2021Real-time patient pose estimation on a smart walkerPalermo, Manuel de CastroMaster thesis Open access
24-Jan-2022Emotional state detection through text analysisMartins, Ricardo Alexandre Gonçalves CarottaDoctoral thesisOpen access
2019Chatbot for digital marketing and customer support: an artificial intelligence approachVaz, Humberto João AlvesMaster thesis Open access
2015Benchmarking sobre técnicas de otimização para modelos de apoio à decisão na medicina intensivaOliveira, Pedro Miguel Martins deMaster thesis Open access