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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2011Antibacterial activity on opportunistic Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogen by a novel Salmonella phage endolysinOliveira, Hugo Alexandre Mendes; Walmagh, Maarten; Kluskens, Leon, et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Assessment of antimicrobial activity of textiles for wound dressing: methodology optimizationPinho, Eva Patrícia Paiva Santos; Grootveld, Martin; Soares, Graça M. B., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Biopolymeric matrices for structural and functional stabilization of bacteriophagesBalcão, V. M.; Moreira, Ana R.; Moutinho, C., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Enhanced oil recovery under laboratory conditions using biosurfactant-producing microorganismsGudiña, Eduardo J.; Pereira, Jorge F. B.; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Laccase production by free and immobilized fungal mycelium of Trametes versicolorSilvério, Sara C.; Moreira, Sérgio; Mussatto, Solange I., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Microbial degradation of hydrocarbons and its applications to enhanced oil recovery at lab scalePereira, Jorge F. B.; Gudiña, Eduardo J.; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Pretreatment of brewers' spent grains for cellulases production by Aspergillus niger van TieghemMichelin, Michele; Polizeli, Maria de Lourdes T. M.; Ruzene, Denise S., et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Protozoa grazing evaluation : a novel way to assess wastewater treatment performance?Neto, Marta Martins; Ribas, D.; Lima, Nelson, et al.AbstractOpen access
2011Structural and functional stabilization of glycomacropeptide via encapsulation within multiple emulsionsMoutinho, C.; Teixeira, J. A.; Balcão, V. M.AbstractOpen access
2011Use of an aerobic selector to overcome filamentous bulking in activated sludgeFerreira, Vânia; Martins, Catarina; Pereira, Maria Olívia, et al.AbstractOpen access