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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Dec-2016Accounting for local impacts of photovoltaic farms: two stated preferences approachesBotelho, Anabela; Gomes, Lina Lourenço; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
Nov-2011Achieving compliance with healthcare waste management regulations : empirical evidence from small European healthcare unitsBotelho, AnabelaWorking paperOpen access
Sep-2008Alcohol attributable fractions and costs in PortugalBotelho, Anabela; Lima, Elvira; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
Jul-2012An empirical analysis of the factors influencing compliance with healthcare waste management regulationsBotelho, AnabelaWorking paperOpen access
Oct-2010An experimental analysis of grandfathering vs dynamic auctioning in the EU ETSBotelho, Anabela; Fernandes, M. Eduarda; Pinto, LígiaWorking paperOpen access
Nov-2015Annoyance and welfare costs from the presence of renewable energy power plants: an application of the contingent valuation methodBotelho, Anabela; Pinto, Lígia; Gomes, Lina Lourenço, et al.Working paperOpen access
Jul-2001Asymmetric information and locationFigueiredo, Octávio; Guimarães, Paulo; Woodward, DouglasWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2016Choice of emergency health services: an experimental studyFernandes, Tânia; Botelho, Anabela; Dias, Isabel Maria Machado Correia Brioso, et al.Working paperOpen access
Jun-2013Consumer preferences for apple : comparing the results of contingent valuation method and a real purchasing situationBotelho, Anabela; Gomes, Lina Sofia Lourenço; Pinto, LígiaWorking paperOpen access
Jan-2014Consumers’ valuation of national versus foreign varieties of tomatoes : results of a contingent valuation study in PortugalBotelho, Anabela; Dinis, Isabel; Gomes, Lina Sofia Lourenço, et al.Working paperOpen access
Oct-2003Corporate performance : does ownership matter? A comparison of foreign - and domestic - owned firms in Greece and PortugalBarbosa, Natália; Louri, HelenWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2000Culture, nationality and demographics in ultimatum gamesBotelho, Anabela; Hirsch, Mark A.; Rutström, Elisabet E.Working paperOpen access
Sep-2001The determinants of success in university entranceBotelho, Anabela; Pinto, Lígia; Portela, Miguel, et al.Working paperOpen access
Nov-2005Discounting in developing countries: a pilot experiment in Timor-LesteBotelho, Anabela; Harrison, Glenn W.; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
Apr-2001Disentangling the minimum wage puzzle : an analysis of job accessions and separations from a longitudinal matched employer- employee data setPortugal, Pedro; Cardoso, Ana RuteWorking paperOpen access
Jun-2003Do ethnicity and sex matter in pay? analyses of 8 ethnic groups in the Dutch labour marketZorlu, AslanWorking paperOpen access
Oct-2008A duration analysis of on-farm agrobiodiversity conservation: evidence from portuguese fruit growersBotelho, Anabela; Dinis, Isabel; Pinto, LígiaWorking paperOpen access
Oct-2003The economic costs of alcohol misuse in PortugalLima, Elvira; Esquerdo, TeresaWorking paperOpen access
Sep-2008Environmental tobacco smoke risk perception and smoking behavior in PortugalBotelho, Anabela; Lima, M. Elvira; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
Feb-2003Finance and performance of portuguese hospitalsLima, Elvira; Whynes, David K.Working paperOpen access