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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016Accounting basis adjustments and deficit reliability: evidence from southern European countriesJesus, Maria Antónia; Jorge, SusanaArticleOpen access
2019Anuário financeiro dos municípios portugueses - 2018Fernandes, Maria José da Silva; Camões, Pedro J.; Jorge, SusanaReportOpen access
2021Anuário financeiro dos municípios portugueses - 2019Fernandes, Maria José; Camões, Pedro J.; Jorge, SusanaReportOpen access
2021Anuário Financeiro dos Municípios Portugueses – 2020Fernandes, Maria José da Silva; Camões, Pedro J.; Jorge, SusanaReportOpen access
2015Autonomia e (In)dependência financeira dos municípiosJorge, SusanaBook partOpen access
2016O Balanced Scorecard nos MunicípiosJorge, Susana; Agostinho, Flávio; Sousa, Marta Almeida eArticleOpen access
2020Breves referências ao ‘enforcement’ das normas internacionais de contabilidadeSilva, Adriana; Lima Rodrigues, Lúcia; Jorge, SusanaArticleOpen access
2020Comparability in IPSASs: Lessons to beLearned for the European standardsMattei, Giorgia; Jorge, Susana; Grandis, Fabio GiulioArticleOpen access
2016Contingency model of reforms in public sector accountingJorge, Susana; Mattei, GiorgiaBook partOpen access
2021Country performance in the south American region: a multivariate analysisCampo, Cristina del; Vasto, Paola Hermosa del; Urquía-Grande, Elena, et al.ArticleOpen access
2023Debate: auditing and political accountability in local government - dealing with paradoxes in the relationship between the executive and the councilJorge, Susana; Pinto, Ana Calado; Nogueira, Sónia P.ArticleOpen access
2021Debate: On the ‘why’ of gender budgetingJorge, Susana; Pimentel, LilianaJournal editorialOpen access
2019Designing an accountability index: a case study of South America Central governmentsHermosa del Vasto, Paola; del Campo, Cristina; Urquía-Grande, Elena, et al.ArticleOpen access
2022Editorial [Public Money & Management. Vol. 42, nr. 7 (2022)]Heiling, Jens; Jorge, Susana; Karatzimas, Sotirios, et al.Journal editorialOpen access
2020Emerging topics in management studiesSilva, Patrícia Pereira da; Jorge, Susana; Sá, Patrícia Moura eBookOpen access
2021Enforcement and accounting quality in the context of IFRS: is there a gap in the literature?Silva, Adriana; Jorge, Susana; Lima Rodrigues, LúciaArticleOpen access
2015Governmental budgetary reporting systems in the European Union: is the accounting basis relevant for the deficit reliability?Jesus, Maria Antónia; Jorge, SusanaArticleOpen access
2020Harmonização europeia da Contabilidade Pública e as EPSASNogueira, Sónia P.; Jorge, SusanaArticleOpen access
2016Information brokers and the use of budgetary and financial information by politicians: the case of PortugalJorge, Susana; Jesus, Maria Antónia Jorge de; Nogueira, SóniaArticleOpen access
2015Introduction to a Symposium on New Challenges for Public-Sector Accounting: IPSAS, budgetary reporting, and national accountsRossi, Francesca Manes; Jorge, Susana; Jesus, Maria Antónia, et al.Journal editorialOpen access