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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2012Optimization of the thermal comfort behavior of bed linen using different softening formulationsSoares, Graça M. B.; Vidrago, Cândida da Conceição Machado Abreu; Abreu, Maria José Araújo MarquesConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
1-Jan-2014Optimization of the thermal comfort properties of bed linen using different softening formulationsAbreu, Maria José; Vidrago, Candida; Soares, Graça M. B.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Nov-2014A padronização das vitrines de shoppings centers: como a globalização afetou o varejo de modaFavero, Marcela Bortotti; Alvarez, Francisco J. S. M.; Abreu, Maria JoséConference paperOpen access
Feb-2012Prevention of airborne disposal from staff in the O.R. reducing the risk of infection : what are the benefits of using clean air suits or scrub suits?Abreu, Maria José Araújo MarquesConference paperOpen access
2017Production system configuration selection in a lean environment using analytic hierarchy processAlves, Anabela Carvalho; Abreu, M. F.; Tereso, Anabela Pereira, et al.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
Nov-2012Property evaluation of diabetic socks used to prevent diabetic foot syndromeAbreu, Maria José; Catarino, André P.; Rebelo, OlgaConference paperOpen access
2015A protective safety footwear device simulation and design: an innovative and healthy hybrid componentSilva, Joel Vieira da; Costa, Sérgio Luís Ferreira; Abreu, Maria José, et al.Conference paperOpen access
1-Jan-2017PVC-based synthetic leather to provide more comfortable and sustainable vehiclesMaia, I.; Santos, Jorge Gomes; Abreu, Maria José, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Oct-2017PVC-based synthetic leather with thermal comfort for automobile applicationsAbreu, Maria José; Soares, Graça M. B.; Santos, Jorge GomesConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2014Relationship between the irradiation and the fabric hand of materials used for non active medical devicesAbreu, Maria JoséConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
1-Feb-2014Reprocessing of single-use medical devices - a legislative issue of the EU countriesAbreu, Isabel; Abreu, Maria José; Coelho, AlexandraConference paperOpen access
Feb-2015Reprocessing single-use devices: legislative issues in the EUAbreu, Isabel; Abreu, Maria José; Coelho, AlexandraArticleOpen access
2019Selection and training of a panel of evaluators for sensory analysis of tactile comfort in BrazilNagamatsu, Naomi; Abreu, Maria José; Santiago, Damião, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
22-Mar-2007Sensitive fabricsCarvalho, Helder; Rocha, A. M.; Abreu, Maria José Araújo MarquesOral presentationOpen access
2010Simulating human physiological response with a thermal manikin testing different non active medical devicesBraga, I.; Abreu, Maria José Araújo Marques; Duarte, F. M.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2017Social aspects in denim productionBraga, Iara; Abreu, Maria JoséBook partRestricted access (Author)
1-Oct-2014Srub suits vs clean air suits: a thermal properties comparisonAbreu, Isabel; Ribeiro, Patrícia; Abreu, Maria JoséConference paperOpen access
2017Subjective evaluation of the comfort of popular denim: elaboration and validation of the the dataBraga, I.; Abreu, Maria José; Oliveira, M.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Feb-2014Suitable control choices: exploring the roles of clean air suits and scrub suits in infection controlAbreu, Maria JoséArticleOpen access
2016Survey of the knowledge and correct use of Scrub Suits, Gowns and Clean Air Suits in Portuguese hospitalsRibeiro, P.; Abreu, Maria JoséBook partOpen access