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TitleBook with apps and pedagogical practices using Game-based learning and gamification in innovative pedagogical scenarios
Author(s)Spânu, Paulina
Lencastre, José Alberto
Bento, Marco
İlin, Gülden
Milios, Panos
KeywordsGame-Based learning
Innovative pedagogical scenarios
Pedagogical Practices
Issue date2021
PublisherEditura Printech
CitationSpânu, P., Lencastre, J. A., Bento, M., İlin, G., & Milios, P. (2021). Books with apps and pedagogical practices using gama-based learning and gamification in innovative pedagogical scenarios. București: Editura Printech.
Abstract(s)The book builds on the aim to highlighting the need for quality pedagogical training on a new technologically digital Era where education has less to do with reproducing information passively and has more to do with the development of creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision- making. Regarding adult education these considerations are even more evident. Many times, adult education is seen as a less important training for unmotivated learners and with high dropout rates. Most of the times trainees of disadvantaged cultural, economic, and family backgrounds tend to reveal more academic difficulties, and those are accentuated over the years. The goal goal of this output is to help improving adult training with new pedagogical scenarios combined with technology to enrich the training process and simultaneously to ensure greater learning commitment and high retention rates. We want develop an innovative pedagogical scenario that allows our trainers to experience new training strategies while building their knowledge, producing a self-reflection that is fundamental for the process of teaching. We believe that the innovative pedagogical scenario that underlies the Game-based learning and Gamification is what it takes to face the challenges of training in this new Era and also involve adult learners in order to answer their needs. This eBook is a guide that contains apps and lesson plans in which the game-based learning and gamification approaches are integrated as innovative pedagogical scenarios. This guide presents different apps that may be used in training to support the use of games and gamification. Our goal was to encourage trainers to integrate them in their training practice by facilitating the design of engaging learning scenarios.
AccessOpen access
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