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TitleAt the table in the shelter of St. Mary Magdalene of Braga (18th century)
Author(s)Araújo, Maria Marta Lobo de
KeywordsShelter of St. Mary Magdalene
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)It was at the table that the shelter of St. Mary Magdalene came together to feed the body and the spirit, involving physical sustenance to prayer. The meals were made with all the women present (except for the patients), ritualizing important moments of everyday life marked by isolation Here, we studied the eating habits of this institution, analyzing the meals served in dayto-day and the existing changes on feast days. Characterized by some monotony, the power of isolation suffered changes in the Lenten period, when it imposed days of fasting and abstinence as well as in the moments of celebration. We will give particular attention to the acquisition of consumer products, as well as the composition of meals in an attempt to know the diet provided to these women.
TypeConference proceedings
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:DH - Comunicações em encontros internacionais/Papers at International Meetings

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