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TitleAmong old things and non-European products: The Royal Hospital’s material culture in the 16th century
Author(s)Sá, Isabel dos Guimarães
Material culture
Sixteenth Century
All Saints hospital, Lisbon
Issue date2020
PublisherCâmara Municipal de Lisboa
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
CitationSá, Isabel dos Guimarães. 2020. "Among old things and non-European products: The Royal Hospital’s material culture in the 16th century". In All Saints Royal Hospital: Lisbon and Public Health, editado por Alberto, Edite Martins. Lisboa, Portugal: Câmara Municipal / Santa Casa da Misericórdia, p. 573-579
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] This was the rhetoric style used by of one of All Saints Hospital's first prondor [purveyor] to characterize treatment of its patients. flowever, this was not far from the intentions of the founding kings: provide the poor -those who could not call a physician or surgeon to their home - with a space of healing marked by the abundance of food, the quality and hygiene of its facilities, the availability of medical treatment, and the spiritual comfort of holy mass and sacraments. [...]
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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