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TitleWest Iberian Bronze Age halberds in rock art sites: several ontological considerations
Author(s)Bettencourt, Ana M. S.
KeywordsEngraved halberds
Nortwestern iberia
Control of water resources
Symbols of power
Issue date2021
PublisherOxbow Books
CitationBETTENCOURT, A.M.S. (2021). “West Iberian Bronze Age halberds in rock art sites: several ontological considerations, in A.M.S. Bettencourt, M. Santos-Estévez and H. Aluai Sampaio (eds.), Weapons and Tools in Rock Art. A World Perspective, Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow, 113-139. Hardback Edition: ISBN: 978-1-78925-490-7; Digital Edition: ISBN 978-1-78925-491-4 (epub)
Abstract(s)Synthesis about engraved halberds in the Northwest Iberian Peninsula with special emphasis on the analysis of the physical and archaeological contextualization of the engraved sites. Besides a synthesis of the different hypotheses about this phenomenon, a new ontological approach is made about the phenomenon during the beginning of the Bronze Age
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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