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Title3D-scaffolds for bone replacement
Author(s)Pereira, Helena Filipa Ribeiro Silva
Cengiz, I. F.
Maia, F. Raquel
Bartolomeu, Flávio
Oliveira, Joaquim M.
Reis, Rui
Silva, Filipe Samuel
KeywordsTi6Al4V scaffolds
ZrO2 scaffolds
PEEK scaffolds
bone substitute
Issue date2021
Abstract(s)Bone is the world's second most transplanted tissue, and there is a high demand for bone substitutes, which leads to a decrease in bone bank donors. Three-dimensional scaffolds based on Ti6Al4V, ZrO2, and PEEK were developed and characterized in this study. The mechanical performance of the scaffolds was investigated using experimental mechanical compressive tests and finite element analysis. Also, their in vitro cytocompatibility and osteogenic ability were tested, revealing that the scaffolds were non-cytotoxic and capable of host cells for the duration of the culture.
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