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TitleAfrica tourism
Author(s)Sarmento, João Carlos Vicente
Rink, Bradley
Issue date2022
CitationSarmento, J., & Rink, B. (2022) Africa tourism. In J. Jafari & X. Honggen (Eds.), Encyclopedia of tourism (2.ª ed). Springer.
Abstract(s)Africa is the second largest continent (30 million km2) with 26,000 km of coastline (Figure 1). It is also the second most populated continent with over 1.3 billion inhabitants unevenly distributed over 54 sovereign states. Africa has been viewed as an exotic, distant, and challenging destination based on early colonial and missionary forays into the “Dark Continent”. Besides exoticism, the continent’s main appeals are its great diversity of natural landscapes and cultural richness. One of the principal tourism products is the safari —“to travel” in Kiswahili, and that in its 19th century roots meant a hunt for animals in the wild.
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