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TitleMedidas para o enfrentamento dos impactos das mudanças climáticas no ambiente construído
Author(s)Alvarez, C. E.
Bragança, L.
KeywordsImpacts of climate changes
Urban resilience
Urban Sustainability
Issue dateDec-2018
CitationAlvarez C. E., Bragança L. Medidas para o Enfrentamento dos Impactos das Mudanças Climáticas no Ambiente Construído, Congresso Internacional SUSTENTABILIDADE URBANA - 14ª Jornada URBENERE e 2ª Jornada CIRES, Vol. I, pp. 3-12, 978-989-20-8422-0, 2018
Abstract(s)As of 2007 the issues related to the need to adapt cities became part of the agenda of international conferences related to climate changes, being recognized the need to adopt measures that consider the impacts inevitable and that cities should be seen as potential contributors to climate changes, as well as the recipients of their effects. Thus, the objective of this research was to evaluate the main impacts expected for the cities and the possible measures that could be adopted to mitigate the consequences over time. The methodology was based on the identification of the possible effects foreseen in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Subsequently, in addition to the selection of the evident measures obtained from the theoretical reference, the principal instruments of urban sustainability assessment were revised, being the indicators selected from established by previously defined criteria. As a result, ten measures were proposed: 1. Diagnosis: identification of vulnerabilities and regional risks; 2. Performance goals: management by cities or communities; 3. Climate risks: measures to reduce the effects; 4. Heat islands and nuclei of heat in urban areas: mitigation and promotion of thermal comfort; 5. Energy: procurement, distribution and use; 6. Emissions: measures for reduction; 7. Performance of buildings: high performance for new buildings and incentive to retrofit processes; 8. The increase of the green: incentive to the urban landscape and expansion of the preservation areas; 9. Urban mobility: encouraging the use of non-motorized and public transport; 10. Monitoring: indicators selection and methodology for performance assessment.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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