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TitleExcitation and Deexcitation of Benzene
Author(s)Cundall, R. B.
Robinson, D. A.
Pereira, Licínio Chainho
lower energy states
excited state geometry
benzene excimer
electronic states
Issue date1977
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract(s)This chapter contains sections titled: - Introduction; - The Nature of the Lower Excited States of Benzene; - Transitions Between Lower Energy States; - Excited State Geometry; - The Influence of the Environment on Electronic States; - The S1 ↔ S0 Radiative Transition; - The S1 ↔ Triplet Radiationless Transition; - The S1 → S0 Radiationless Transition; - The T1 → S0 Phosphorescence Transition; - The T1 → S0 Radiationless Transition; - Transitions from Higher (n > 1) Excited States; - Relevant Photochemical Reactions of Excited States of Benzene; - Benzene Excimer; - Conclusion
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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