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TitleMulti-criteria analysis of rehabilitation techniques for traditional timber frame walls in Pombalino buildings (Lisbon)
Author(s)Stellacci, S.
Rato, V.
Poletti, Elisa
Vasconcelos, Graça
Borsoi, G.
KeywordsTimber frame wall
Pombalino buildings
Rehabilitation techniques
Macbeth analysis
Issue dateJan-2018
JournalJournal of Building Engineering
Abstract(s)This research aims to evaluate the intervention techniques currently adopted for the traditional timber frame wall, using a case study in downtown Lisbon.Different rehabilitation solutions were identified and assessed through a multi-criteria decision analysis using dedicated software (M-Macbeth, Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical-Based Evaluation technique).Five evaluation criteria, i.e. material compatibility and permanence, structural reliability and authenticity, and visual-tactile appearance, were selected for this specific context. A multidisciplinary panel of experts in conservation science were consulted for defining the performance descriptors, evaluation levels, and weightings of these criteria. Results show that Macbeth is a useful decision-aid capable of handling multiple outputs generated from qualitative expert judgments. Lastly, the predominance of five best-scoring interventions within three design-related scenarios is discussed.
AccessOpen access
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