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TitleA systematic study of the effects of lime-cement ratio in the mechanical properties of blended mortars
Author(s)Ramesh, Meera
Azenha, Miguel
Lourenço, Paulo B.
KeywordsLime-cement blended mortars
Mechanical properties
Drying shrinkage
Ultrasonic wave velocity
Experimental study and systematic characterization
Issue date2018
PublisherThe International Masonry Society
Abstract(s)This work aims at systematic characterization of various proportions of blended lime-cement mortars, for masonry constructions. All parameters studied were a function of the quantity of lime in the binder, with a target workability of 175±10 mm. The lime-cement ratio has been differed from 25 to 75% by volume. An experimental campaign was employed to quantitatively determine short term and long term mechanical parameters of five different mixes in terms of compressive strength, flexural strength and ultrasonic wave velocity, up to the age of 90 days. Drying shrinkage was also assessed for the mixes under study. An integrative analysis of all the obtained results is expected to help better understand benefits and trade-offs obtained from replacement of cement with successively higher percentages of lime in mortars, in the context of masonry construction.
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