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TitleAstrocytic signaling supports hippocampal-prefrontal theta synchronization and cognitive function
Author(s)Sardinha, Vanessa Alexandra Morais
Gomes, Sónia Isabel Nunes Guerra
Campos, Inês Caetano Costa
Tavares, Gabriela Pires
Martins, Manuella Mendes
Reis, Joana Vanessa Santos
Correia, Joana Sofia Silva
Castro, Andreia Cristiana Teixeira
Pinto, Luísa
Sousa, Nuno
Oliveira, João F.
local field potential
neuronal morphology
Issue dateDec-2017
Abstract(s)Astrocytes interact with neurons at the cellular level through modulation of synaptic formation, maturation, and function, but the impact of such interaction into behavior remains unclear. Here, we studied the dominant negative SNARE (dnSNARE) mouse model to dissect the role of astrocyte-derived signaling in corticolimbic circuits, with implications for cognitive processing. We found that the blockade of gliotransmitter release in astrocytes triggers a critical desynchronization of neural theta oscillations between dorsal hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. Moreover, we found a strong cognitive impairment in tasks depending on this network. Importantly, the supplementation with D-serine completely restores hippocampal-prefrontal theta synchronization and rescues the spatial memory and long-term memory of dnSNARE mice. We provide here novel evidence of long distance network modulation by astrocytes, with direct implications to cognitive function.
DescriptionAstrocytic signaling supports hippocampal-prefrontal theta synchronization and cognitive function
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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