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TitleMapping media literacy in Portugal – Portuguese response (national annex – Portugal)
Author(s)Santos, Luís António
Brites, Maria José
Mourão, Marisa
Sousa, Helena
Issue date2017
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] This report results from the assessment of a broad number of initiatives and organizations that work in Portugal in the field of media literacy. Given the limitations imposed by the proposed time frame we could not contact each one of the actors. We gathered information based on our combined expertise and knowledge of the field. We used several sources (books, reports, organizations webpages and phone contacts); for the list of the most significant media literacy activities and practices that have taken place in the Portugal since 2010 we also made personal contacts. We started out by compiling a broad report of the whole field of media literacy in Portugal (Using tables Question1_Global and Question3_Global) and then departed to focus on audiovisual initiatives and programs (including both those which have audiovisual as a prime concern and those which have it as a secondary one) (Using tables Question1_Short version and Question3_Short version). Bellow, we will justify our choices, focusing especially on the list of the most significant media literacy activities and practices that have taken place in the Portugal since 2010. [...]
TypeResearch report
DescriptionComplição de dados na qual se baseou o ponto sobre Portugal do relatório Mapping of media literacy practices and actions in EU-28. Disponível em:
AccessOpen access
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