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TitlePublic service media and participation
Author(s)Santos, Luís António
Bianco, Nelia del
KeywordsPublice service media
Issue dateDec-2016
PublisherUniversidade do Minho. Centro de Estudos de Comunicação e Sociedade (CECS)
JournalRevista Comunicação e Sociedade
Abstract(s)At a time marked by visible media supply fragmentation and by permanent content flows mixing and remixing those products with content generated by the “people previously known as the audience” (Rosen, 2006) two particular questions gain relevance: for whom is and with whom is PSM to be made? (D’Haenens, Sousa & Hultén, 2011, p. 214). In a text with a significant title, “Public Service Broadcasting in the 21st Century – what a chance for a new beginning?”, Karol Jakubowicz suggests that this challenge – that of PSM’s renewed self definition in relation to citizens – can be overcome with a six step strategy: removing ideological objections to its existence; providing proof that PSM is still needed; replacing the B (for Broadcast) by either a M (for Media) or a C (for Content); reaffirming and enhancing the S (as service rendered to the community); decisively dealing with funding issues; and redefining the P (the Public has changed enormously and so have changed its expectations) (Jakubowicz, 2007, p. 30).
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AccessOpen access
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