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TitleStepping up Open Science training for european research
Author(s)Schmidt, Birgit
Orth, Astrid
Franck, Gwen
Kuchma, Iryna
Knoth, Petr
Carvalho, José
KeywordsOpen Science
Open Access
European research
Issue date2016
CitationSchmidt, B., Orth, A., Franck, G., Kuchma, I., Knoth, P., & Carvalho, J. (2016). Stepping up Open Science Training for European Research. Publications, 4(2). doi: 10.3390/publications4020016
Abstract(s)Open science refers to all things open in research and scholarly communication: from publications and research data to code, models and methods as well as quality evaluation based on open peer review. However, getting started with implementing open science might not be as straightforward for all stakeholders. For example, what do research funders expect in terms of open access to publications and/or research data? Where and how to publish research data? How to ensure that research results are reproducible? These are all legitimate questions and, in particular, early career researchers may benefit from additional guidance and training. In this paper we review the activities of the European-funded FOSTER project which organized and supported a wide range of targeted trainings for open science, based on face-to-face events and on a growing suite of e-learning courses. This article reviews the approach and experiences gained from the first two years of the project.
AccessOpen access
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