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TitleTelephone assistance to decrease burden in informal caregivers of stroke older people: monitoring and diagnostic evaluation
Author(s)Araújo, Odete
Lage, Isabel
Cabrita, José
Teixeira, Laetitia
KeywordsStroke survivors
Informal caregivers
Pilot study
Issue date6-Jul-2016
PublisherBioMed Central (BMC)
JournalBMC Health Services Research
Abstract(s)Background: After hospital discharge many stroke survivors return home and need support with at least one activity of daily living. Most of them require help from informal caregivers who are often unprepared for the demands of providing care. Evidence has shown that combining enhanced informal caregivers’ practical skills, face-to-face interventions and telephone support can reduce negative consequences for caregivers, such as burden or depression. Objective: To evaluate the impact of an intervention to reduce burden by using telephone support delivered to informal caregivers, who take care of older people after a stroke, at home. Methods: A quasi-experimental method, which included 3 months of follow-up, was conducted with 174 patients. The Control group (n = 89) received usual care available provided by healthcare units and the InCARE programme was implemented in the experimental group (n= 85), 1 week, 1 and 3 months, telephone support, counselling caregivers on the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 10th weeks at home. It aimed to facilitate the caregiver’s adjustment to stroke demands, increasing knowledge and practical skills to support their decision-making. Data collection took place between February 2014 and December 2014. Results: The experimental group had a significant lower level of burden in comparison with the control group 1 and 3 months after InCARE intervention. Conclusions: Telephone support does not replace face-to-face interventions implemented based on structured programs, however, they are an aid for diagnosis and an important complement to all types of interventions that promote health gains of this group of informal caregivers and stroke survivors. Trial registration: Current Controlled Trials NCT02074501
Description"Proceedings of the 3rd IPLeiria’s International Health Congress - Leiria, Portugal. 6-7 May 2016"
AccessOpen access
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