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TitleInterdisciplinary knowledge transfer and technological applications for assessment, strengthening and monitoring of timber structures in Europe
Author(s)D'ayala, Dina
Tsakanika, Eleftheria
Descamps, Thierry
Lanata, Francesca
Kurz, Jochen
Harte, A.
Branco, Jorge M.
Quinn, Natalie
KeywordsTimber structures
Scientific and technological networks
Timber products
Issue date2015
Abstract(s)COST (European Co-operation in the field of scientific and technical research) is the longest running framework for research co-operation iri Europe, having been established in 1971 by a Ministerial Conference attended by Ministers for Science and Technology from 19 countries. Today COST is used by the scientific communities of 35 European countries to cooperate in exchanging knowledge and technology developed within research projects supported by national or European funds. The main objective of COST is to contribute to the realization of the European Research Área (ERA) anticipating and complementing the activities of the' Framework Programmes, constituting a "bridge" towards the scientific communities of emerging countries, increasing the mobility of researchers across Europe and fostering the establishment of "Networks of Excelience". Another essential objective is the knowledge transfer between the scientific soc'iety and industry. It is widely acknowledged that European scientific performance in relation to investment in science is excellent but technological and commercial performance has steadily worsened. The present paper discusses how the COST Action's instruments, from training schools to short scientific missions and workshops have been used within The COST ACTION FP11O1 Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures to achieve such objectives.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:ISISE - Comunicações a Conferências Internacionais

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