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TitleIn-plane and out-of plane experimental characterization of rc masonry infilled frames
Author(s)Akhound, Farhad
Vasconcelos, Graça
Lourenço, Paulo B.
Palha, Carlos Alberto Oliveira Fernandes
Silva, Luís C.
KeywordsMasonry infills
In-plane behavior
Out-of-plane behavior
Airbag testing
Masonry Infill walls
Displacement Control
Issue dateJul-2015
Abstract(s)Seismic investigations of typical south European masonry infilled frames were performed by testing two reduced scale specimens: one in the in-plane direction and another in the out-ofplane direction. Information about geometry and reinforcement scheme of those structures constructed in 1980s were obtained by [1]. The specimen to be tested in the in-plane direction was constructed as double leaf masonry while the specimen for testing in the out-of-plane direction is constructed with only its exterior leaf since the recent earthquakes have highlighted the vulnerability of the external leaf of the infills in out-of-plane direction [2]. The tests were performed by applying the pre-defined values of displacements in the in-plane and out-of-plane directions in the control points. For in-plane testing it was done by hydraulic actuator and for out-of-plane testing through the application of an airbag. Input and output air in the airbag was controlled by using a software to apply a specific displacement in the control point of the infill wall. Mid-point of the infill was assumed as a control point for outof- plane testing. Deformation and crack patterns of the infill confirm the formation of two-way arching mechanism of the masonry infill until collapse of the upper horizontal interface between infill and frame which is known as weakest interface due to difficulties in filling the mortar between bricks of last row and upper beam. This results in the crack opening through a welldefined path and the consequent collapse of the infill.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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