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TitleCaught between changing tides: Gender and kinship in Cape Verde
Author(s)Challinor, Elizabeth Pilar
KeywordsCape Verde
Gender and sexuality
Issue date2017
CitationChallinor, E. (2017). Caught Between Changing Tides: Gender and Kinship in Cape Verde. Ethnos. doi: 10.1080/00141844.2015.1042489
Abstract(s)Gender ideologies in Cape Verde are shifting. Individuals find themselves caught between changing tides, pushed and pulled in opposite directions by divergent gendered expectations. The article examines the different ways in which young women and men take recourse to tactics in response to the tensions that arise as they deal with changing gender ascriptions in the midst of their relations with community and kin. Women, in particular, are unevenly affected by traditional demands and expectations whilst they cross the boundaries of traditional gender roles in their pursuit of enhanced education and more sexual freedom. Yet, their actions are not characterized by an outright rejection of traditional gender ideologies, but rather by piecemeal tactical manoeuvres to plot a route through the centrifugal forces at play. keywords
AccessOpen access
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