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TitleHSCI2014: booklet of the 11th International Conference on Hands-on Science
Editor(s)Costa, Manuel F. M.
Pombo, José Miguel Marques
Vázquez Dorrío, José Benito
KeywordsScience Education
Issue date2014
PublisherHands-on Science Network (HSCI)
Abstract(s)As we all know it is the Society that sets the requirements rules and procedures of Education. It is Society that defines what citizens must learn in what concern either concepts and or competencies, and how this learning can, must in fact…, take place. Society is the ensemble of all of us citizens and of all the structures tangible and intangible we create and created along the years of our common history as a people, as a nation, as humankind. Educational policies set by governments, elected and or imposed, not always reflects the will and ruling of Society. In difficult times of, apparent, civilizational regression and clear disrespect of people’s citizens’ and human’ rights, as the ones we are facing in the beginning of this new millennium, Education can and should have a decisive corrective role. The School as pivotal element of our modern educational system must look behind and beyond imposed rules and regulations and persistently seek a permanent and open relation with Society, in all its dimensions, assuming and defending its crucial role on the development of Society and humankind. The decisive importance of Science to the development of the Society awards Science Education and Science & Technology Education a role of special impact. The aim of the Hands-on Science Network was set right from the beginning to “contribute to the generalization innovation and improvement of Science & Technology Education at basic vocational training and secondary schools by hands-on experimental investigative practice in the classroom ... bringing hands-on active learning of Science into the classroom and into the soul and spirit of the School ...” with a broad open understanding of the meaning and importance of Science to the development of our societies, each individual and of the humankind. Open to all pedagogic approaches that may contribute to the effective implementation of a sound widespread scientific literacy and effective Science Education in our Schools and Society at large, we advise the employment of open and flexible strategies to lead our students and fellow citizens to learn about Science in a committed active and investigative hands-on experiments based way, connected with everyday life and to Society,… feeling the thrill of discovering and understanding the world we leave in. Our annual conferences are set to provide an informal friendly and open minded atmosphere allowing the participants to share their experiences concerns and doubts, getting concrete solutions to practical teaching problems and a sound positive peer mutual support. This years’ conference, to take place in the beautiful Portuguese town of Aveiro in the end of July, have as main theme the synergetic relation between Society and Science Education in all possible perspectives.
TypeConference proceedings
DescriptionThe core topic of the 11th Hands-on Science Conference is "Science Education with and for Society"
AccessOpen access
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