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TitleCheese whey treatment and valorization process with continuous ethanolic fermentation
Author(s)Teixeira, J. A.
Mota, M.
Issue date4-Oct-2000
CitationTeixeira, J. A.; Mota, M., Cheese whey treatment and valorization process with continuous ethanolic fermentation. International Patent, EP1041153 A1, 2010.
Abstract(s)The invention deals with a process used for Cheese whey treatment and valorisation. The plant where this process is applied includes three main components - an ultrafiltration unit, a bioreactor and a destillation unit. Final products of this process are a whey protein concentrate and ethanol. Ultrafiltration and distillation units are similar to the ones being used in other cheese whey treatment plants. The innovative characteristics of this process lie on the design of the bioreactor and its operation mode and on the microorganism being used. The bioreactor, with a total volume of 1000 litters at the installed scale, is a concentric tube internal loop air-lift bioreactor with a degassing zone at the top; the mode of operation is continuous; the lactose fermenting used yeast strain has the ability to form flocs. By using a flocculating yeast strain and operating the bioreactor continuously a higher productivity in lactose conversion to ethanol may be achieved with a simultaneous reduction in the volume of residual solids. This process allows for a 90% reduction in the pollution caused by cheese whey disposal. The innovative character of this invention lies on the use a continuously operating bioreactor with a new design. The integration of the fermentation unit in the overall cheese whey treatment and valorisation process forces the extension of the request for protection of the patent to the entire process.
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