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TitleThe self-care (re)construction in older people stroke survivors: a literature review
Author(s)Araújo, Odete
Cabrita, José
Lage, Maria Isabel Gomes Sousa
Older people
Literature review
Issue dateFeb-2014
JournalInternational Journal of Recent Scientific Research
Abstract(s)Purpose: Cerebrovascular disorder (Stroke) is the leading cause of morbidity in old people in Portugal, fostering high levels of dependency to self-care. This study aimed to understand the process of (re)construction of self-care in old people stroke survivors. Method: A review followed PIC[O]S method, in MEDLINE and CINAHL databases in the last decade (202-2012). 651 articles were retrieved and only eight were included based on the inclusion criteria established by the authors. Results: The main results suggest he importance of the rehabilitation process within the first few months in old people after a stroke. There were scores of independence in self-care, 3 and 12 months post-discharge. Relevant indicators and influencers were reported in several studies. The nature of the event, functional capacity, satisfaction with life and self-esteem were considered as predictors in self-care performance post-stroke. Conclusion: Despite the results suggesting self-efficacy and ´persistence´ in the recovery process, as key elements in the (re)construction, more research is needed to understand the self-care (re)construction in old people stroke survivors.
AccessOpen access
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