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TitleNursing interventions to prevent pressure ulcers in intensive care units : systematic review
Author(s)Lage, Isabel
Novais, Rui Manuel Freitas
Magalhães, Maria Manuela Almendra
Vilaça, Simão
Araújo, Odete
KeywordsIntensive care units
Preventive measure
Pressure ulcers
Nursing interventions
Systematic review
Issue dateMay-2014
PublisherUniversidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Saúde Pública
Abstract(s)Introduction: It is estimated that Pressure Ulcer (PU) ranges from 0.4% to 38% in acute care worldwide, causing high costs in treatments, delaying functional recovery and deferring discharge hospital. Objective: To identify and synthesize primary studies which comprehend interventions focused on prevention of PU in critical care units. Methods: A systematic review followed PICOS method in PUBMED database and in gray literature. 922 articles were identified, 26 retrieved, 5 of which were included based on the inclusion criteria established by the authors, i.e., adults (+18) in critical care units, high risk of development of PU and clinical trials designs. Studies were assessed for risk of bias in seven domains. Results: Five papers met the inclusion criteria. The interventions used were heterogeneous and multi-faceted. Most delivered solely by nurses and were based on the use of devices (mattress) or on the impact of a nutritional formula enriched with several components. The number of irreversible heel pressure ulcers was lower with devices. A diet enriched with some components was also associated with a significantly lower occurrence of new pressure ulcer in critically ill patients. Conclusions: The non-pharmacological interventions at critical care units are a key area considering its potential in PU prevention. Further research should be developed in this field to keep gold standards of quality in critical care units.
DescriptionPublicada na "Revista Saúde Pública", vol. 48, nr. spec. (May 2014) ; ISSN 0034-8910 , ISSN 1518-8787 (online)
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AccessOpen access
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