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TitleThe relationship between weight status and psychopathology in adolescence : the role of social support
Author(s)Rosa, M. F.
Gonçalves, Sónia
Antunes, Henedina
Body mass index
Psychological distress
Social support
Issue date2014
JournalJournal of health psychology
Abstract(s)This study evaluated the differences between normal-weight and overweight adolescents in psychopathology, social support and emotional competences, and the role of social support in the relationship between psychopathology and weight. We examined a clinical group of 83 overweight/obese adolescents, a community group of 82 overweight/obese adolescents, and 205 adolescents with normal weight. No differences were found in psychopathology and emotional skills. Compared to healthy peers, however, the overweight/obese community group was less satisfied with their friendships, and the clinical group was less satisfied with their intimate support and social activities. Social support mediates the relationship between weight and psychopathology.
DescriptionPublished online before print April 12, 2013
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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