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TitleDesign and modelling of a 3D compliant leg for bioloid
Author(s)Couto, Mafalda Araújo Seara
Santos, Cristina
Machado, José Mendes
Keywords3D modelling
Quadruped bioloid robot
Segmented pantograph leg
Compliant joint
Issue date2012
PublisherAIP Publishing
JournalAIP Conference Proceedings
Abstract(s)In the growing field of rehabilitation robotics, the modelling of a real robot is a complex and passionate challenge. On the crossing point of mechanics, physics and computer-science, the development of a complete 3D model involves the knowledge of the different physic properties, for an accurate simulation. In this paper, it is proposed the design of an efficient three-dimensional model of the quadruped Bioloid robot setting segmented pantographic legs, in order to actively retract the quadruped legs during locomotion and minimizing large forces due to shocks, such that the robot is able to safely and dynamically interact with the user or the environment.
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