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TitleInfluence of chemical composition and volume fraction of phases on the dezincification resistance of brasses
Author(s)Vilarinho, Cândida
Castro, F.
Soares, Delfim
Chemical composition
Issue date2001
CitationMETAL, 10, Ostrava, 2001 - “International Metalurgical and Materials Conference : proceedings”. Ostrava : Tanger, 2001. ISBN 80-85988-56-9.
Abstract(s)Although brasses are resistant to several forms of corrosion, they are susceptible to dezincification – selective dissolution of zinc – which may be responsible for failures in service of casting brass products. The effect of the chemical composition on dezincification resistance of brasses has been investigated. This study includes both commercial alloys and alloys prepared in laboratory in order to evaluate the specific effect of alloying elements such as lead, silicon, aluminium, iron, tin, nickel and arsenic upon the dezincification resistance. The effect of the volume fraction of α phase in the dezincification behaviour has also been studied. Dezincification tests have been carried out according to the ISO 6509 standard. The influence of the various alloying elements in the depth of the dezincificated layer, has been evaluated. The statistic treatment of results enable to the establishment of correlationship between the studied properties and the contents of some elements present in the chemical composition of brasses.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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