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TitleLife-cycle analysis of buildings : envirnonmental impact of building elements
Author(s)Bragança, L. , coord.
Mateus, Ricardo, coord.
KeywordsLife-cycle assessment
Building technologies
Environmental database
Building sustainability assessment
Issue dateOct-2012
PublisherAssociação iiSBE Portugal
Abstract(s)The proper use of materials, products and construction technologies can significantly contribute to improve the environmental performance of a building’s life-cycle and therefore its sustainability. It is widely recognized that Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) is the best method to assess the environmental impact caused by the construction materials and processes and by the overall life cycle of a construction. Based on this background, this publication aims to contribute for a more comprehensive application of the LCA method to construction, namely buildings. This book covers, in a streamlined approach, the steps for conducting a life-cycle analysis of a building and contains a database with the environmental life-cycle impacts of building materials, building elements, and HVAC and hot water heating equipments. This database can be used to support design teams’ decision-making processes towards the selection of materials and building elements with improved environmental performance.
AccessOpen access
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