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TitleModelling the environmental performance of composite products : benchmark with traditional materials
Author(s)Simões, Carla L.
Pinto, Lígia
Bernardo, C. A.
KeywordsE. Environmental performance
A. Polymer matrix composites
A. Ferrous metals and alloys
Environmental performance
Polymer matrix composites
Ferrous metals and alloys
Issue dateAug-2012
JournalMaterials & Design
Abstract(s)The environmental performance of consumer products is a major concern for many companies. In this work, an attributional Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study was performed to identify the Best Practicable Environmental Option of three lighting columns made in alternative materials. These are a glass fibre reinforced polymer composite, and two traditional materials, steel and aluminium. Analysis of an alternative composite lighting column with the same matrix, but reinforced with natural fibres (jute) was also performed. The results showed that the lighting column made of steel has the worst overall environmental profile, although steel production is less energy intensive. The composite lighting column is environmentally preferable due to its extended lifespan and lack of maintenance. The production of the raw material is responsible for most of the impacts in all three cases. The glass fibre production is the main contributor for the overall environmental burden of the composite column. In this case, the results also show that there are environmental advantages in replacing glass fibre for jute fibre.
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