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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
5-Feb-2020Bacteriophage depolymerases: evolutionary insights and antivirulence strategies against bacterial pathogensOliveira, Hugo Alexandre Mendes; Pires, Diana Priscila Penso; Melo, Luís Daniel Rodrigues; Mendes, Ana; Fraga, Alexandra Gabriel; Pedrosa, Jorge; Azeredo, JoanaAbstractOpen access
19-Feb-2020Development of an integrated metabolic and transcriptional regulatory model for Saccharomyces cerevisiaeDrescher, Paul; Carreira, Rafael Castro; Vilaça, Paulo; Rocha, Isabel Cristina SantosAbstractOpen access
19-Feb-2020Acetylations role in tau structure, electrostatics and interactions: molecular dynamics studiesFerreira, Tiago; Castro, Tarsila Gabriel; Munteanu, Florentina-Daniela; Cavaco-Paulo, ArturAbstractOpen access
2020A reconciled version of the cork oak tree genome-scale metabolic modelSilva, Miguel Ângelo Fernandes da; Lima, Diogo Batista; Rocha, Miguel; Rocha, I.; Dias, OscarAbstractOpen access
13-Jan-2020Mycotoxin mixtures in the rice food chain: current situation, and pre- and postharvest strategies to minimize contaminationVenâncio, Armando; Gonçalves, Ana; Palumbo, R.; Lima, Nelson; Battilani, P.; Giorni, P.AbstractOpen access
12-Feb-2020Novel fish feed supplements: giving value to agroindustrial wastesFilipe, D.; Salgado, José Manuel Seara; Fernandes, Helena; Castro, C.; Belo, Isabel; Aires, T.; Oliva-Teles, A.; Moyano, F. J.; Peres, H.AbstractOpen access
Jan-2020Mycotoxin mixtures in food and feed: holistic, innovative, flexible risk assessment modelling approach: MYCHIFBattilani, Paola; Palumbo, Roberta; Giorni, Paola; Dall’Asta, Chiara; Dellafiora, Luca; Gkrillas, Athanasios; Toscano, Piero; Crisci, Alfonso; Brera, Carlo; De Santis, Barbara; Rosanna Cammarano, Rosaria; Della Seta, Maurella; Campbell, Katrina; Elliot, Chris; Venâncio, Armando; Lima, Nelson; Gonçalves, Ana Paula Monteiro; Terciolo, Chloe; Oswald, Isabelle P.ArticleOpen access
29-Jul-2020Human microbiomes in health and disease: Strategic options for regulatory science and healthcare policyRuthsatz, Manfred; Voisin, Emmanuelle; Lima, Nelson; DHondt, KathleenContribution to periodicalOpen access
Sep-2020Entrapment of glutaraldehyde-crosslinked cells from Aspergillus oryzae IPT-301 in calcium alginate for high transfructosylation activityGonçalves, Maria Carolina P.; Morales, Sergio A. V.; Silva, Elda S.; Maiorano, Alfredo E.; Perna, Rafael F.; Kieckbusch, Theo G.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
15-Jul-2020Production of a distilled spirit using cassava flour as raw material: chemical characterization and sensory profileCoelho, Eduardo João Louro; Ballesteros, Lina F.; Domingues, Lucília; Vilanova, Mar; Teixeira, J. A.ArticleOpen access