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TitleDesenvolvimento de competências relacionais de ajuda em estudantes de enfermagem: factores preditivos
Author(s)Gomes, Lisa Alves
Candeias, Analisa
Melo, Maria Manuela da Silva
Braga, Maria de Fátima Dias
Machado, Maria Manuela Pereira
KeywordsEnsino - Aprendizagem
Competências relacionais de ajuda
Ensino de enfermagem
Teaching-learning process
Relational aid skills
Nursing education
Issue date2011
Abstract(s)The issues of competence, autonomy and identity acquire different meaning during the frequency of Higher Education, taking on greater importance at certain times of a student’s development. In the process of developing the complex interaction of student / teacher (tutors and nurses) the proximity between the two becomes crucial when considering the various contexts in which the training process occurs, the school and hospital (clinical practice). The objective of this study is examining the predictive factors of relational aid skills, the perception of the teaching-learning process, the variables socio-vocational and academic (mobility status, average of candidature, year of frequency of the course, satisfaction with the course and school, option of the course and school) had on the development of relational aid skills among students. The sample was constituted by 213 nursing students from a Nursing School integrated in a University and one of inclusion criteria was to have participated at least once in a hospital clinical practice. In this group the Questionnaire on the Students Perceptions of Teaching-Learning Process (PEA) and the Inventory of Relational Aid Skills (ICRA) was applied. These results suggest that the development of relational aid skills (in the four indicators: generic, empathic, communication and contact skills) is mainly associated with the variables: generic skills, empathic skills, communication skills, contact skills, satisfaction with the course, option of the school, year of course, essays / reading and teachers commitment. These values suggest that the development of relational aid skills, associated with generic, empathic and communication skills, are not independent of personal, socio-vocational and contact skills of the student’s as well as the teaching-learning process.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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