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TitleThe impact of education and training on compliance behavior and waste generation in European private healthcare facilities
Author(s)Botelho, Anabela
KeywordsWaste management
Healthcare waste
Education and training
Issue dateMay-2012
JournalJournal of Environmental Management
Abstract(s)As the provision of private outpatient healthcare increases within the EU countries, there is also an increase on waste generation from these facilities. Since a significant fraction of this waste is amongst the most hazardous of all wastes arising in communities, healthcare waste must be carefully managed in accordance to relevant regulations in order to avoid negative environmental and public health impacts. In the EU, healthcare waste management regulations focus on proper waste segregation at the source. A condition to achieve this goal, and the law to be implemented, is education and training. Whether the increasingly large numbers of private healthcare facilities provide education and training to their staff and comply with proper waste management practices is an understudied subject. Using a large survey of private outpatient healthcare facilities, this study finds that that compliance with the law is far from ideal, and that provision of education and training is the strongest policy factor influencing the degree of compliance. These programs, however, are seldom provided to healthcare workers in these types of facilities, defeating the overall goal of the segregation requirement.
DescriptionThe author acknowledges the pivotal input of Professor Lígia Pinto and the Portuguese Health Regulatory Entity (PHRE) in the collection of data. The author alone is responsible for the analysis and views expressed in this paper, and they do not represent the policies or views of the PHRE. This research was partially funded by FCT through the Applied Microeconomics Research Unit (NIMA), and completed while the author was on sabbatical leave at the Water Science and Policy Center, University of California, Riverside, and University of Arizona, Tucson. Extremely valuable suggestions by anonymous referees are also gratefully acknowledged.
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