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TitleFirst order kinetic approximation for a reactive gas mixture
Author(s)Soares, A. J.
Bianchi, M. Pandolfi
KeywordsKinetic theory
Chemical reactions
Discrete models
Transport coefficients
Issue date2005
JournalContinuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Citation"Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics". ISSN 0935-1175. 17:2 (2005) 201-215.
Abstract(s)A multicomponent reacting gas with an arbitrary number of chemical species and one reversible reaction is studied at a kinetic level in the frame of Discrete Velocity Models of the Boltzmann equation, with the main objective of deriving the "reactive" Navier Stokes equations of the model, and characterizing the dissipative terms related to shear viscosity, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusion. The closure of the system formed by conservation and chemical rate equations is based on a first-order Chapman-Enskog method, to be applied in the strong reaction regime, and on a convenient representation of the density vector space in terms of the macroscopic variables. A mathematical procedure is proposed which leads to identify the transport coefficients and may be applied to a quite large variety of reactive gas flows. Moreover, it allows to characterize the functional form of the transport coefficients in dependence on the local gas concentrations, once the model is specified.
AccessOpen access
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