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TitleTransgenic hypericum perforatum
Author(s)Gregory, Franklin
Oliveira, Margarida M.
Dias, Alberto Carlos Pires
KeywordsHypericum perforatum
Organogenic nodular suspension culture
GUS gene , HPT gene
Transgenic plant
Polymerase chain reaction analysis
Southern blot analysis
Issue date2009
CitationMOHAN, Jain Shri ; SAXENA, P. K. ed. – “Protocols for in vitro cultures and secondary metabolite analysis of aromatic and medicinal plants”. New York, Humana Press, 2009. ISBN 978-1-60327-286-5. p. 218-235.
Abstract(s)Plant transformation is an important tool with many applications in modern plant biology. Although this technique is primarily used to produce superior crop varieties, it is also being utilized to answer basic questions concerning gene function and regulation in contemporary functional genomics research. In our laboratory, we have established a transformation system for Hypericum perforatum . This protocol involves the transfer of foreign DNA into H. perforatum organogenic nodule explants via particlebombardment and the regeneration of shoots from the explants under selection pressure. We have successfully used this method to express ß-glucuronidase and hygromycin phosphotransferase genes in H. perforatum . Molecular analyses of putative phenotypically normal transgenic plants show stable integration of the transgenes into the plant nuclear genome. Here we describe the procedure for the transformation of H. perforatum .
AccessOpen access
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