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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
31-Jan-2022An HAROS extension for variability aware ROS code analysisPereira, Ricardo RibeiroMaster thesis Open access
2009An integrated formal methods tool-chain and its application to verifying a file system modelFerreira, Miguel A.; Oliveira, José Nuno FonsecaConference paperOpen access
2022Automatic repair of behavioural specificationsCerqueira, Jorge Gabriel AlvesMaster thesis Open access
2010Certification of open-source software : a role for formal methods?Barbosa, L. S.; Cerone, Antonio; Petrenko, Alexander, et al.ArticleOpen access
9-Jan-2020Early validation of system requirements and designMiranda, MarceloMaster thesis Open access
2009Extended static checking by calculation using the pointfree transformOliveira, José Nuno FonsecaConference paperOpen access
2019Formal techniques in the safety analysis of software components of a new dialysis machineHarrison, Michael douglas; Freitas, Leo; Drinnan, Michael, et al.ArticleOpen access
2019High assurance on cyber-physical interactive systemsCouto, Rui; Campos, José C.Conference paperOpen access
2017Implementing a linear algebra approach to data processingPontes, Rogério; Matos, Miguel Ângelo Marques; Oliveira, José Nuno Fonseca, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2015Layers, resources and property templates in the specification and analysis of two interactive systemsCampos, José C.; Curzon, Paul; Masci, Paolo, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2013Modeling and formal analysis of urban road trafficAvram, Camelia; Machado, José; Aştilean, AdinaConference paperOpen access
2006Program slicing by calculationBarbosa, L. S.; Rodrigues, Nuno F.ArticleOpen access
27-Sep-2013Proof support for hybridised logicsNeves, RenatoMaster thesis Open access
Apr-1990A reification calculus for model-oriented software specificationOliveira, José Nuno FonsecaArticleOpen access
2017Safety analysis of software components of a dialysis machine using model checkingHarrison, Michael douglas; Drinnan, M.; Campos, José C., et al.Conference paperOpen access
2020Software engineering for 'quantum advantage'Barbosa, Luís S.Conference paperOpen access
2015Templates as heuristics for proving properties of medical devicesCampos, José C.; Curzon, Paul; Masci, Paolo, et al.Conference paperOpen access
14-Jun-2023Towards a typed linear algebra formal semantics for spreadsheetsAzevedo, Rui Filipe BritoMaster thesis Open access
14-Jun-2012Validação de software altamente configurávelLemos, Pedro Manuel Pereira deMaster thesis Open access
2014A virtual factory for smart city service integrationCledou, Maria GuillerminaConference paperOpen access